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Dylan Keenberg, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist specializing in Existential Analysis

My Services
Individual Therapy

Empathic explorations focused on establishing lasting, meaningful life changes.

Solution Focused Consulting

Targeted, short-term investigations to aid in overcoming specific struggles.

Relationship Therapy

Sessions for two or more intimate partners to clarify problems and deepen connections.

Group Therapy

Connection to others with shared struggles who provide support and new perspectives.

Professional Consultation

Collaborative consideration of  professional difficulties. For health professionals, artists, and more.

Helping people clarify, examine, and confront the struggles in their lives so they can pursue greater areas of meaning and fulfillment.

No diagnosis necessary.

My Stance:

As complex humans we require multifaceted, nuanced processes for exploring the difficulties in our lives.  For years I have committed to embracing the complexity of my clients and the uncertainty therein to form relationships that enable people to become who they aspire to be.

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