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The What and How of This Space

Hello and welcome to my first post, where I think it is fitting to explore my hopes and aspirations for this blog. So often in my work I am helping people to explore the whats and hows of their struggling and their overall living. In kind, I would like to consider this writing space in these terms in effort to clarify what would make it meaningful for me and hopefully of value to those who choose to read my words.

The What

For years I have considered my self a writer and have looked forward to being established enough in my life to devote more time toward this activity. While I have been actively writing for years, much of it has had to take the form of academic papers, clinical write-ups, and intern training material. While I have found meaning in this writing, it has been far more rigorous and researched than what I believe is applicable to non-psychologists and related mental health professionals. So as a result, when I struck out into my private practice I intentionally built time specifically for writing more of what emerges from my preferred interests.

This blog is an effort to bring together parts of what are required for me to write with more fulfilling writing related to my practice of existential therapy. What I envision are occasional posts on various topics inspired by my work (rigorously upholding confidentiality, of course), the field of psychology, and my continued inquiry into my self both in and out of my professional roles. Over the years I have jotted down several ideas I see this blog providing opportunities for me to consider more fully: simplified explainers on the existential elements of my work, critical analyses of norms in psychological practice and policy, socioethical explorations of United States society and concepts of living meaningfully, and more.

Drawing from my past research, I have much more to share about the role of uncertainty as a part of therapy and our lives in general. I believe the perspectives of existential psychotherapy and philosophy are clarifying of many areas of the field and larger society. I am also interested in using this blog to provide further information about my practices and policies for both clients and non-clients, as well as a central location for educational resources I create in the course of my work. I also want to speak to my appreciation for two types of people - creatives and weirdos - from my personal experiences of being both.

The How

I hope to split the difference between writing for a general audience and exploring complex and challenging topics more rigorously, which I could see as happening both through distinct entries as well as within the same piece. Where possible, my aim will be to demystify what I can about my work in order to increase accessibility to anyone who wants to learn more about my work and perspectives on areas related to it.

I could see there being opportunities for some back-and-forth with my readers should they be interested in such an encounter. I would insist on this being a more considered and lengthier format than comment sections in hopes to invite contemplation and thoroughness in responding to the positions of all involved. I am also open to receiving ideas about things to write about and I warmly invite you to let me know if you have one.

In much of the same way I emphasize authenticity, transparency, and openness while in session with my clients, I hope to demonstrate these being qualities through my writing. If I can write in a way that reveals what it is like to be in a therapeutic relationship with me, especially where it is focused on areas outside of traditional therapy topics, I believe it could be constructive for both those who do and do not relate with me in that capacity. I think it could be valuable to be able to know aspects of my self which do not present overtly while I am in the therapist role. Having demonstrations of these parts of my self available to clients, potential clients, fellow professionals, and the general public seems to be a meaningful direction.


So there is a base from which I hope to build from, using my experiences, values, and interests as my guide. As with so much of our projects the outcomes are uncertain, so I must go with my sense that something meaningful will come of it.


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